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Essential Phone PH-1 release date, Price and features

Everything you need to know about Andy Rubin’s new Android smart phone


The former Android chief developer Andy Rubin has built a smartphone, which should be taken it with Apple and Samsung. Great plans. But are they realistic?

It’s a bit contradictory. There is a new smartphone, which according to its developers is no ordinary device, but one for lovers, nerds and other thinking.

However, the name of this device is Essential or briefly Ph-1, which could be translated as “essential”, “indispensable” or “necessary”. What, then, is it essential or special? Or both?

Essential Phone PH-1 expected release date

when does the PH-1 will be available in the UK and US?

Questions such as these, Andrew “Andy” Rubin has to ask for the sales start in June. He is the head behind the Essential Phone, which was unveiled on May 30, 2017 Tuesday without great presentation.

For a long time, it was expected that the programmer and former Android boss developers would bring out their own smartphone.

Now the details are known and thus a first glance into the future of technology that Rubin imagines.

An Android smartphone of the upper class

The Essential Phone, PH-1, will be available only in the USA and Uk market.

It will be a device of the upper class with a sales price of 699 US dollars, which it should take with models of Samsung or Apple.


The screen is 5.7 inches large at a resolution of 2,560 times 1,312 pixels and is to fill up similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8 almost the entire top of the device. In a visible “gap” at the top lies the Selfie camera.

Latest High-End Hardware Specs

The (PH-1PH-1 has a current Qualcomm processor, four gigabytes of memory and 128 gigabytes of internal memory.

There is also no extension for a headphone jack – here Essential has obviously been inspired by the iPhone.

Strong Body

The frame is unique. it is not out of aluminum and glass, but from a mixture of titanium and ceramic – something that Apple had allegedly tried but were unable to go through with it.

Rubin in an interview with the US portal Wired says . Essential, however, found a small German company that processes titanium in such a way that smartphones can be manufactured with it.

360-degree camera

The 13-megapixel dual camera with a color and a black and white sensor, on the other hand, is reminiscent of the latest Huawei models.

On the back of Essential Phone PH-1 there is no company name, no branding and no logo.

Instead, a fingerprint scanner and magnetic points, through which accessories such as a 360-degree camera can be seen.

These are some of the extensions for the start sales, more extensions are to follow.

The fact that in the past smartphones with modules have always failed, Andy Rubin does not bother.

Essential Phone PH-1 Consumer based smartphone 

He believes consumers want a good smartphone and the opportunity to extend it with just as good products.

The technology is supposed to be open source, so that third parties can develop accessories as well.

Essential Phone PH-1 Pure Android

Andy Rubin also believes in the desire for an operating system without add-ons.

The Essential Phone PH-1 therefore contains the latest Android version as it comes directly from Google.

No adjustments, no additional software. The Essential Phone is supposed to be as close to the idea of ​​the ultimate Android smartphone as possible and be another unique feature.

Anyway, for those who value something. “We are not for everyone,” says Jason Keats, Head of Product Architecture, in conversation with Wired.

It should be a bit exclusive, at least for now. Also, because Essential admits, that there are not even 50 million copies they will be able to produce.

The demand cannot be too great in the beginning.

The range of supposedly remote, unusual smartphones is great.

In this niche, there are from futuristic designs over devices with high-quality materials to supposedly safe software pretty much everything.

It was never easier to make a smartphone like Essential PH-1. It has never been harder to be successful.

In addition to the world market leaders Apple and Samsung is not much more space among the hoses of the people, which they had in the past years.

also, well-known manufacturers such as HTC, Sony or LG has experienced.

Niche successes such as the products of the Chinese manufacturer OnePlus are the exception.

Essential Phone (PH-1) release date, Price and features
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Essential Phone (PH-1) release date, Price and features
Essential Phone (PH-1) release date, Price and features ,Everything you need to know about Andy Rubin’s new Android smart phone
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