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Samsung Galaxy S8 Review and features

Freedom Without Borders: The Samsung Galaxy S8.

The  Samsung Galaxy S8 combine high-quality materials and essential beauty. This turns s8 to master piece of jewelry.

Samsung Galaxy s8 release Date and Price

Samsung galaxy s8 was released in April this year. The price of Galaxy s8 is around $750.


image source: Samsung Galaxy S8

The large Infinity Display  in the 18.5: 9 format make it fascinating smartphone.

in addition to this it has Super AMOLED technology as well as a  impressive WQHD + resolution of (2,960 x 1,440 pixels).

So it offers rich colors, outstanding details and high-resolution content elevate it to the place they deserve.

And because the Infinity Display seamlessly integrated into the smartphone frame it makes the edges narrow.


The Galaxy S8 with Octa Core processor and its expandable memory does not ask which apps, photos and songs are too important to delete.


If the 64 GB (approximately 52.3 GB freely available) large internal memory is not enough? you can expand this further by adding micro SD card by up to 256 GB.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: Powerful Brother.

image source:Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus smartphone

Capture interesting moments

if you are looking to Capture fascinating moments with all their details it is Not a problem for the Galaxy S8 +.


The 12 MP main camera with dual pixel and F 1.7 aperture can record crystal clear pictures of  self-moving objects with its multi-frame technology..

PRO mode

The PRO mode allows more experienced smartphone photographers to determine their own images in detail.

While the 8 MP front camera shoots not only nice, but also thanks to auto focus and facial recognition  for even smart selfies.

Video Recording

Videos that were recorded with the Galaxy S8 + also shine through the UHD mode on large screens.


The Galaxy S8 plus  comes with the powerful battery of 3,500 mAh and individually adapted to the ultra high performance mode.


In case battery goes empty the quick charging function making the phone available for use again with in a short period of time.

it can be recharged again via induction recharge function.


Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +: Always protected.

In the rain, jogging or on the mountain bike a trip over dusty terrain if you are equipped With either these two smartphones Galaxy S8 and S8 + from Samsung,you are always protected.

IP68 certification

Thanks to IP68 certification that there is nothing to worry and with GoreTex seal, water and dust remain Outside the smartphones where it should be.

Smart charging process

During the charging process, if any mishap happens, there is nothing to worry about.

Because the Galaxy S8 and S8 plus automatically interrupt the charging process,  as soon as their sensors detects any moisture.


At the same time, the security of sensitive data is also very high.

Additionally, these two Samsung smartphones have great security features that makes these smartphones wonderful.

iris scanner

in addition to the already established security functions iris scanner is an extra feature, which protects the smartphone content from uninvited glances.

Secure Folder

The secure folder also allows you to store particularly important apps, especially documents and photos, which are only intended for your own eyes.

in conclusion we can say that Samsung Galaxy s8 is master piece by Samsung fully equipped with great specs and special security features.

Freedom Without Borders: The Samsung Galaxy S8 Review and features
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Freedom Without Borders: The Samsung Galaxy S8 Review and features
Samsung Galaxy S8 Android smartphone: Hands-on with the most anticipated Smartphone of 2017. Find out specs, features and other core details about glaxy s8.
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