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Buy Android smartphone guide List

Buying android smartphone? Consider the following

if you are anticipating to buy a new android smartphone or thinking to change, consider the following things before buying or changing smartphone

  1. Price
  2. Size, weight and screen
  3. Hardware and opportunities
  4. Software
  5. battery life
  6. Brand

Most android smartphone users intend to have a smartphone every two or three years, when their subscription expires or they are looking to have a new one. Even if you have a sim only subscription, you will be compelled to change the phone after a year or two, because it has become slow or cannot handle the latest apps and games.

Are you going to buy a new smartphone, you will find in Android lots of features and hundreds of models? In addition to the price and features choosing the size, expansion options and whether or not there will be a support for 3G / 4G and WiFi. Smartphones are often expensive devices, so making the right choice is important. You do not want to spend hundreds of dollars and then you find out that the phone you bought does not meet your needs. In this buying guide, we offer tips and advice to help you make the right choice.

Price: something for everyone

Buying Expensive smartphone is not always better when you’re choosing a new Android smartphone. You have phones in all shapes, sizes and price ranges, but really bad Android phones are now no longer made. Moreover, you need a good Android experience not to spend hundreds of dollars per smart phone. The budget devices that Motorola, LG and Sony have recently released, for example, provide for less than 200 dollars a good performance and the latest version of Android. Listed below are links to our reviews of the best budget, midrange and high-end smartphones. These are updated regularly with the latest smartphones.

Size, weight and screen

Smartphones have grown in recent years. Where a few years ago 4 inches was the normal phone, as of now we no longer look have weird smartphones as LG and Samsung devices with screens more than 5-inch wide. Phones like the LG G4, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Sony Xperia Z3 are pretty heavy, but on the other hand thanks to their size that has many advantages for those who like photos and videos on his phone. On the other hand, there are plenty of small phones available, as you can read in our review of the five best mini phones.

Smartphone choose size

The bigger the screen, the higher the resolution will be to ensure that you can see individual pixels. Do you go for a device with a 4-inch screen, a 720p resolution is usually sufficient? Smartphones of 5 inches or larger are the finest in use with a 1080p resolution. There are even smartphones with HD screens in the market, but in our view that resolution provides enough benefits. Indeed, with screens smaller than 6 inches we prefer 1080p, as HD is harmful to the battery life of a device

Our advice:

Smartphone to 4 inches:

WVGA (800 × 480 px) is sufficient

Smartphone 4 to 5 inches,

choose at least 720p (1280 x 720 px)

Smartphone from 5 Inch:

select at least 1080p (1920 x 1080 px)

Smartphone from 6 inch:

select 2K (2560 x 1440 px)

The type of screen plays a role: TFT scores in terms of brightness and contrast the least, while today more than existing AMOLED and IPS panels in these areas are significantly better. Amoled deserves our opinion preferable, since this type of display is energy efficient, huge bright and contrast. Many devices, for example Samsung feature amoled, making them perfectly readable.

Please note that large smartphones often are heavier. In addition, the material used also plays a role: a smartphone metal or aluminum feels firmer, but usually weighs considerably more than one that consists mainly of plastic. Plastic smartphones are also slightly more flexible, making them less likely to fall apart when they bounce on the ground

Hardware and expandability

Buy android that has compatibly with micro sd card. While buying a new Android smartphone, the screen plays naturally with your choice, but also the internal hardware you need to remember. Although the ‘system’ for future Android versions are relatively modest, you should note that the processor and RAM should be powerful enough to run the latest games and apps. A smart phone is desired with at least one dual core- or quad-core processor, and also 1GB of memory is the minimum required for normal operation. For those who want to run many apps and games to play, 2GB is recommended. The choice of storage is important, we recommend at least 8GB of storage and 16GB if you want to download photos, videos and music. Demanding users can get the best for 32GB of storage. A music album is soon 200MB large and high-definition videos generally take several GBs up.

Our advice:

4GB – 8GB:

only suitable for users who use their Android smartphone light, for example, to call, mail and internet.


You use your phone mainly to call, email, internet and make use of some apps, this is a fine choice.


you have enough storage space to download and also expand your music and photo library many apps and videos.


ultimate format for consumers. You can bring your entire music collection, videos download great apps and games.

Unlike iPhones, Android phones often require expansion, which means you can insert a micro SD card to expand the storage space. This is useful if you do not have much space, but not the ability to delete data. A memory card is also useful for backing up important files.

Furthermore, most smartphones can handle 3G, but they have not all 4G support. Note that well in your choice and make sure your subscription does or not 4G. Do you have a 4G subscription and a 3G smartphone, then you will have lost access to the fastest mobile internet?

Our advice:

3G (approx. 2-15 Mbit / s):

suitable for WhatsApp, Internet and email

4G (ca. 75-150 Mbit / s):

Recommended to download music and video streaming

Software: go for a recent Android version

Android update around 5.0 In your choice of a new smartphone is really important to look at what Android version it is running and whether it still receives updates from the manufacturer. New Android versions often have more opportunities to work faster and are more secure. Conversely, smartphones with Android version 4.0 or less often a lot slower and less compatible with the latest apps and games. Usually phones those appeared to have no updates for two or more years. As a result, they may contain vulnerabilities and do not work well with the latest apps. Keep this in mind.

Battery life: check the standby time

The batteries of smartphones usually last for half days with few exceptions. The battery capacity will be as indicated in tablets mAh, which more does not always mean better. A larger display with a higher resolution, after all, requires more current, and thus a larger battery. To find out about the battery life of a particular smartphone you can read the reviews to score a battery test on the device. That way you get an idea of ​​what you can expect from a phone (and after many days he returned to the charger).

Our advice:

1750 mAh:

sufficient for budget phones to 4.5 inch

2500 mAh:

fine midrange appliances 4,5 – 5 inch

3000 mAh +:

recommended for high-end phones from 5 inches or larger

Which brand should I go?

As said galaxy note 4 android smartphones are considered bad smartphones. The devices, for example Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC have released recently pertains the latest Android version, with good specs and great performance. They come with natural 24-month legal warranty. The same goes for smartphones lesser known brands like Archos, Acer and Alcatel. Our top 30 smartphones look at which devices of any brand is currently scoring the best in their price range.


In this buying guide, however, we also want to consider the rise of Chinese brands such as Huawei, Lenovo and Oppo. These manufacturers have recently name with cheap Android smartphones that still offer decent performance throughout. They offer good value for money, have the usual guarantee and we will expose them increasingly in extensive reviews.

Buy Android smartphone guide List
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Buy Android smartphone guide List
Most android smartphone users intend to have a smartphone every two or three years,if you are anticipating to buy a new android smartphone or thinking to change, consider the following things before buying or changing smartphone
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