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Android 8.0 developer preview, release date and beta program

Android 8.0 (Android O) Oreo- Autumn 2017

Android 8.0 O is the descendant to Android 7.0 (nougat) . This version includes improvements in notifications, multitasking and battery life. The first Android O Developer Preview was released late March 2017. It is expected that the final version will be available at the end of 2017. It is still unclear as of what will be the name of the software, There are already some speculation about names like Oreo, Android 8.0 and Android 8.0 Oatmeal Cookie.

New features in Android 8.0 O

Google Android O includes many new features. Although future previews likely increase the number of features, you will find a provisional list of the new features below.

  • Easier notifications filtering notification channels
  • Notification of dots showing a dot at applications with new notifications
  • Narrow your battery consumption further with background limits on standby
  • Google Play Protect prevents malware and bad apps harm
  • Android O makes starting your smartphone twice as fast Picture-in-picture mode for Google Maps and YouTube videos and Netflix
  • Better operation with Chromebooks User names and passwords to remember with AutoFill
  • Smarter select , copy , and search and autocomplete Improvements in WebView and Java provide apps that start faster and run smoother
  • Android Go: special software for less powerful smartphone

→ Also check out the Android 8.0 update -overview to see if your device is updated

Filter your notifications with Notification Channels

Google has been a leader with notifications that are easier on Android than on iOS. With Android 7.0 (nougat) Google went all incoming messages grouping and combining, so the main one app notifications are gathered together.

o android developer preview


Android Oreo goes one step further. The company introduces so-called notification channels, which gives you more control over the notifications sent to your apps. So you can set a new app or notifications shares in technology or foreign news, but you will not hear any economic news.

It is also possible to snooze notifications so they reappear after fifteen minutes, half hour or hour. This way you will get more control over your notifications. Furthermore, notifications appear in a circle now in the corresponding app icon, allowing you – without the need to open the notification screen – you see that you have received a message on Facebook or comment on Instagram. Google calls this “notification dots.

Limited battery consumption on standby

Even if your phone is in standby mode, many apps are still active. Google wants to reduce the power consumption of these apps and therefore has identified three categories of activity. There are the so-called implicit broadcasts; apps that communicate with each other in the background. Background services are activities that follow if an app is not in the picture, such as fitness apps or a stopwatch. Finally, there are apps in the background, keeping your location.

Android O developers set a limit on how often an app to submit such requests in the background. So it is really unnecessary for an app at night while you sleep every few minutes to ask your location. In this case, the application will only your last known location. Thanks ‘background limits’ consume apps later barely stream in the background, making the time between recharges is longer.

Finally a picture-in-picture mode

Google promised Android 7.0 already supports picture-in-picture, but this feature was missing in the end in the final version. Android O is finally possible to watch a video when you’re working in another app. Look you put a video on YouTube, it disappears in a small window when you switch to WhatsApp- or Facebook app. Are you ready with the video, you swipe it away.

o android developer preview

At first the picture-in-picture mode will only be available in YouTube (Red), Netflix and Google Maps. In time should also follow other apps.

Better cooperation with Chromebooks

Increasingly Chromebooks can handle Android apps, but that optimized for touch screens, this ensures that they are difficult to operate laptops. Android O will change this by applications to allow to work even with the arrow and tab key on the keyboard of a Chrome. A welcome improvement for those with such a device in the house.

Autocomplete Android O

Another important innovation of Android O AutoFill. This works the same way as in Chrome, which usernames and passwords are automatically remembered, so you need to fill in your details each time you login. Developers can easily add the option to their apps, so addresses and user names are automatically filled.

Selecting and smarter search

Also handy Android O smarter treats the text you select. When you select something, such as an address or phone number in an email, you can with a touch similar to Google Maps, the phone app. Moreover, you dont need more privileges  to select the right words; Android 8.0 thinks with you and will automatically select all the relevant information.

Android Go: especially for budget phones

With Android Go Google introduced at I / O 2017 again software that is optimized for less powerful smartphones. Go is similar to Android One , which saw the light in 2015, and focuses on emerging markets again. This version of Android O has its own set of Google apps on board. Using less memory and data than regular varieties. The apps have features to save data, such as downloading YouTube videos over Wi-Fi. Also, users can send videos directly to other smartphones without an Internet connection.

Google Play Android Protect keeps you safe

Perhaps more important is the fact that Android 8.0 more emphasis on safety. In recent years, the platform came repeatedly negative in the news because of problems with malware, usually caused by malicious apps that were installed inside or outside of Google Play. Google Play Protect is a set of services that aims to better protect Android devices accessing Google Play. The feature uses machine learning to scan apps on security issues. Is there something amiss, then Protect will ensure that the app is installed or remove him.

Joining the Android beta program

Since Google Android 7.0 makes it easier to first install the latest version of Android. Where you previously had to flash software, there is now an official beta program available. If you enroll in this, you will get directly within the latest test version of Android O. Also updates are immediately ready for you. Well then you have a Nexus 5X , Nexus 6P , Google Pixel , Pixel XL and Pixel C have.

Beta Android O is an early version of the software, and is therefore less stable and absolutely free of bugs. Therefore we do not recommend you install the beta on a smartphone that you use every day.

Android release O

In March 2017 published the first preliminary version of Android O. At Google I / O 2017 a beta version was released, which you can download from the official test. In the course of this year, Google brings several beta versions, and the final release late this year follows. Keep this page regularly for current information on the Android O release.

Android 8.0 (Android O) - Autumn 2017
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Android 8.0 (Android O) - Autumn 2017
Android 8.0 O is the descendant to Android 7.0 (nougat) . This version includes improvements in notifications, multitasking and battery life. The first Android O Developer Preview was released late March 2017. It is expected that the final version will be available at the end of 2017.
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